Head Worms

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Game Overview

Head Worms takes the player on a horror-filled adventure like no other. Use your skill and wit to navigate indoor and outdoor spaces. Combining different game styles Head Worms keeps players on their toes with a variety of spine-chilling challenges. How quickly can you adapt? Do you have what it takes to decipher puzzles and solve riddles while on the run from monsters? Can you protect yourself from intruders, follow the clues, and make it our alive?  


Horror, Adventure, Puzzle, Escape

Release Date

December 2020


A4 Gaming


Streaming on PC and MAC

Disorienting Challenges

Head Worms offers players a non-static challenge as game style changes frequently. One moment you could be testing your gun skills fending off a horrifying creature and the next moment you are putting your critical thinking to the test to solve a brain-twisting puzzle in time to avoid certain death.

Think Fast & Prepare to Run

While some puzzles may be forgiving on the time allotted to figure them out, other puzzles will require you to be an agile thinker in tense situations.

If you do not want to get caught, do not get comfortable, use hiding spots, examine monster patterns, figure out the correct way to solve a puzzle before you try it. The consequences can be fatal.

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